Monday, February 21, 2022


Knowing your partner's weakness will help you know how to help them in marriage, this is crucial! Don't take your partner's weaknesses with levity, it determines the success or failure of your marriage. What breaks marriages are not our strengths, they are the weaknesses we refuse to deal with. If you don't know how to handle your spouse's weaknesses, your marriage will fail!

Some men have serious problem with women. Once he sees a woman, his antenna goes up! For some men it is the breasts! It doesn't matter if the breasts are sagging and dry, as long as it is well packaged and looks, voluminous, he completely lose his senses! If you are marrying that kind of man, ensure your breasts are well packaged, full and voluminous all the time. This is hard reality! To hide behind scriptures and say "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature" is to prepare for heart attack when he finally runs off with a busty Suzie! 

Some weaknesses won't go, you just have to manage them! God didn't take Paul's weakness away, He simply told him, "My grace is sufficient for thee, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." God didn't heal Moses of his stuttering, he only provided him an assistant to help him whenever he needed to speak. We should deal with our weaknesses but there are some that only your spouse can help you deal with! If you know from the depth of your heart, you won't be satisfied with small breasts,  pray to God to give you a busty woman!

Some ladies have a very high libido, they shiver when a man touches them and sexual thoughts run through their heads immediately, they think about sex most of the time and they can't stay alone with a man for 30 minutes. My dear sis., control your sex drive as a single lady but pray for a man high, romantic and can last in bed. If you don't marry a man who can satisfy you sexually in marriage, there is a 60% chance you will commit adultery!

Not all men can handle virgins, they do not have the patience to gently deflower her and gently teach her how to have and enjoy sex, they are used to the express road and a new learner is a source of irritation to them. I've met guys who are virgins who don't want to marry virgins, they all want a woman who is experienced and good in bed and there are men who passionately despise ladies with sexual past. They must marry virgins or no woman at all!

Tell God about your needs, He will supply them. "And my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus". He knows your desires and if you ask earnestly, He will grant them for "the desires of the righteous shall be granted".

Share your expectations in courtship, don't keep quiet or be ready for shockers in marriage! One lady told me her fiance said he was going to be a Pastor and he would need plenty of sex to keep sane as there would be lots of temptation from ladies in church. Though the lady is a virgin and they does not believe in pre-marital sex, she knows what to expect in marriage.

Another lady said her fiance wants her to give him oral sex in marriage. He was used to having oral sex with his EX. The lady was a virgin and hates oral sex with passion! Prayer won't change this man! To waste your saliva praying God should change him is an exercise in stupidity! Either prepare to give him oral sex or end the relationship, simple! Some stupid ladies out of desperation will go right ahead and marry him claiming the Holy Spirit led them, refuse to sexually satisfy him in marriage and claim the devil is after them after the marriage crashes! Open your mouth and brain in courtship or you spend the rest of your married life in sorrow! This is hard reality!

Some ladies can't handle poverty!  I mean, they can't live without money. They do not have the capacity to start small with any man. Pray for a man who has money lady. But don't complain if he doesn't respect you much, you are not part of his success story.

What are your needs, what are the qualities you can't do without in a partner? Go for someone who has these qualities or else you get tempted when you see someone who has what your spouse lacks in marriage!

I love sincerity, integrity, honesty, truth, openness and intelligence! I want him tall and slim, I got what I needed! My husband can't do without intelligence; he wanted a lady who is sharp, smart, bold, courageous and a risk taker, he got his needed.

I like him romantic and passionate. I want a man who has my time. I could never marry a Doctor or a traveller, my nature can't take it. I want a man who has my time, communicates with me, touches me and is there for me. He wants a woman who gives him quality time, is involved in what he does and responds to him passionately. we are both perfect match made from heaven! I don't have the need to hug every Tom, Dick and Harry, I'm regularly hugged, touched, wanted and needed, he has never been attracted to another woman, his needs are met at home. 

Your needs are very important, if they are not met at home, somebody else will meet them outside! That is the truth. It is the reason for affairs, at least 80% of men now have affairs, Pastors, inclusive!

Don't shut your brain when choosing a life partner! Open your spiritual and physical eyes while picking a mate, watch your partner first then pray to know if they are the one. "WATCH and pray" is what the Holy Book says. You will not mis-choose in Jesus name. FEEL FREE TO SHARE. God bless you. Cheers.

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