Saturday, February 26, 2022


The following are some misconception singles are having concerning sex and relationship.  

1. Relationship can only be strengthened through sex: This misconception is installed into the system of many singles who are claiming to be in one form of relationship or the other. They believe, the only way to strengthen their relationship is to be having sex . If this is what you believe, you are very wrong. Nothing weakens your relationship and destiny like pre-marital sex. While sex strengthens relationship among couples, it weakens it among singles.  

2. No Relationship can survive without sex: Many singles believe that relationship cannot survive without sex and they rush into sex. Nothing kills relationship among singles like sex. I need to let you know that, there are relationships that are flourishing and surviving without sex and sexual pollution. We still have godly single guys and ladies in relationships who have made covenant of sexual purity with God in their relationship and they are keeping to that.   

3. If our relationship will not be boring we must be having sex: Sex in your relationship will only make God’s anger to be burning on you. There are lovely activities you can engage in, in your relationship that will not make your relationship boring. Premarital sex will not only make your relationship to be boring, it will also make your life to be boring to God.  

4.One of the ways a lady can keep a guy in a relationship is to give him sex regularly: Many ladies have become sex slave all in a bid to keep their boyfriends. If you are giving that guy sex just because you want to keep a guy to yourself, you are really a looser. You may keep that guy to yourself but you are losing many things. You lose your virginity, you lose your relationship with the Lord, you lose your innocency, you lose your dignity as lady, e,t.c. 

5. The best way to prove love in a relationship is to have sex: This is a lie from the pit of hell and many singles are holding tenaciously to it. Sex is one major way married couples can prove their love to one another but it is the fastest way by which singles can prove their stupidity and lust for each other in their relationship. Ladies, don’t mistake sex for love. That guy could be sleeping with you 24/7 but he might not love you. He is just in love with what is under your pant. Stop fooling yourself!  

6.Once we have introduced ourselves to our parents nothing stops us from having sex: Another misconception singles have about sex and relationship is that, once they have introduced themselves to their family members, nothing stops them from having sex with each other. Listen to this, no matter whom you have introduced yourself to in your relationship, as long as you are not yet pronounced as husband and wife, any sexual relationship between the two of you introduces both of you to God as fornicators and you will be punished by God unless you repent. (Hebrews 13:4). 

7. I will use what I have to get what I need: This misconception is common among ladies. Many ladies are using their sexual organs to get monthly allowance from their boyfriends, fiancés. Many of them believe they can use their body in sex to get their school fees, hostel rent fee, or even their wardrobe allowance, upkeep allowance with a round of sex. Are you a lady and you are guilty of this destiny crime? You are using your body in sex to get things or material possession from your boy friend, fiancé or man friend? Shame on you! Your sexual organ is not where men should come in and out as if they are visiting the toilet. Repent and make a new decision for God. Why should you lose your destiny because of ordinary iPhone that you can produce yourself in the future?   
If you have any or all of this misconceptions in your mind about sex and relationship, it is time for mind formatting and re-orientation.  

Say No! to sex before marriage if you claim to know the Lord. If those who oppose the Word of God are saying there is nothing bad in sex before marriage, should those of us who know the mind of our God still ignore and despise His words? Think on this. Sexual purity pays! It paid me and it is still paying me big term. Embrace it with all your heart.  
I love you and I desire you remain sexually pure!  

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