Sunday, October 30, 2022

PIC NW trains Mayors on Rights, Duties and ethical compliances in Council functioning.

PIC with Mayors

The Office of Public Independent Conciliator (PIC), North West has driiled the Local authorities of the Region on rights, duties and ethical compliances for proper functioning of their councils. This was during a two-day training workshop that took place at the PIC Conference Hall, Upstation, Bamenda from October 27 - 28, 2022.

Tamfu Simon Fai
Public Independent Conciliator North West

Speaking during the event, Tamfu Simon Fai, the North West PIC revealed that the objective of the training was to sharpen the managerial skills of mayors as well as equip them with an indepth knowledge of the functional and substantive mandates of PIC, and its roles with regards to the councils, the North West Regional/ City councils, and other users. The seminar also aimed at "fueling collaboration, and correcting the already existing misconception that the PIC has come to police councils, instead of being the watchdog, pacificator and advocate of councils", Tamfu added.
He equally called on the mayors to sharpen their competencies and acquire new competencies in every area of management and functioning to be able to cope with the daunting task that awaits them on the pathway of the ongoing decentralisation process of local governance.

Participants at the training

During the two days, the facilitators armed the participants with indepth knowledge that will enable them function effectively in the discharge of their duties. At the opening on Thursday October 27, as per their expectations, the participants expressed amongst other needs, the desire to be schooled on the laws, rights and duties of citizens in their municipalities and how they can factor in on this, to cultivate rights based programming of Council missions and services.

It is against this backdrop that, the research officer at OPIC Ndi Nelson Ngayinkfu, kick-started the training with the generalities on rights and duties in council functioning, and Rights based programming,

Agingi Nina schooling the participants

On her part, Nina Agingi, speaking on freedoms and duties, non discrimination and Mainstreaming inclusiveness, expressed that everybody should be engaged with community development projects and activities in council functioning. As for Dr. Alfred Wuku Kudi, citizen participation is a right and duty that must be factored in, for effective council functioning and local governance. Mr Ngodji Rais took turn to school the participants on the law and an overview of ethics compliance. 

As for Yang Francis Fombi, Esq., he gave insight on the primary duties of councils as agents of local public service in preventing ethical misconducts. Atia Tilarious wrapped up with a practical approach on the importance of ethical compliance in council functioning, while highlighting on the key elements for the elaboration of an ethical policy for councils.

Speaking to Trendsetters infos, Stephen Bongfen, Mayor for Nkum Council underscored that, the seminar was very timely as it eqquipped them with the necessary tools and knowledge to, on return to their various councils, and function efficiently, and effectively, vis-a-vis the rules and regulations in force.

In appreciation, on behalf of the Participants, the President of United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (UCCC), Mayor Denis Awoh Ndang thanked the PIC for such a laudable initiative and implored that such initiatives be taken right down to the grassroots and councils to train and equip not only the mayors, but also all council workers. This alone will ensure effective council functioning.

The training drew participants from the North West Regional Assembly, the  Bamenda City Council and Mayors of the 34 councils of the region. 

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang