Monday, June 8, 2020


1. Foreplay starts with your clothes on. How special, sexy, desired and safe do you make your spouse feel?

2. Foreplay is preparing your spouse adequately so that both of you can give each other pleasure 

3. Foreplay requires you to focus on more than just the vagina and the penis 

4. Foreplay is an art. The more you do it to each other, the better you become at it, the more you understand each other's body 

5. Foreplay needs to be customised. Find out what parts of your spouse's body are sensitive to touch, rubs, licks and kisses. Is it the nipples, the neck, the butt, the ears, the shoulders, the arms. Find out the erogenous spots and camp there for awhile 

6. If you rush to penetration, you might miss out on intense pleasure 

7. If you don't adequately prepare your spouse, she might feel pain and not enjoy, he might not feel the highest of pleasure 

8. Foreplay is more enjoyable when you both maintain good hygiene 

9. When foreplay is well done, it can actually lead to orgasms even before penetration. Read each other's body language 

10. When foreplay is sufficiently done to a woman, she gets extremely lubricated and gets to a point whereby she desires him inside her passionately. Once a woman gets to this point she becomes hungry and assertive. Take her there 

11. Many wives want more foreplay but don't know how to ask or have been ignored or made to feel like it is all about the man 

12. Sexual and sexual words is also part of foreplay. There are some things you can tell your spouse that heightens desire accompanied with the touching

13. The longer that climax is delayed for a man, the sweeter it is

14. Foreplay brings you two closer 

To enjoy love making in your marriage, invest more time on foreplay 

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