Sunday, March 27, 2022

North West Region: Chief of Defense Staff assesses the security climate of the 5th Joint Military Region.

Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka

The Chief of Defence Staff,
Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka on Thursday March 24th, 2022 made an accessement of the security climate in the the fifth Joint Military Region and the fifth Gendarmerie Region. This was during a routine control, this time at the 501 Airforce Base.
On arrival , the Chief of Defense Staff, accompanied by the Army chief of staff Major General Baba Soule,  the Central Director of coordination at the National Gerndarmerie, including some service heads,  were welcome by  Brigadier General Nka Valère, and Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine, commanders of the 5th Joint Military, and fifth Gendarmerie Regions respectively.
The Defense boss chaired an in camera meeting, aimed at following up on the implementation of the  instructions on the management of the security situation during and after the Total Energies Africa cup of Nations 2021.
It  emerged  from the meeting that the chief of defense staff congratulated the troops on the field, while urging them to continue untill peace is restored. 

It also emerged that the successful celebration of the 56th edition of the Youth Day and the 37th edition of the International Women's Day were hitch free in the administrative North West and West Regions in particular thanks to the professionalism of the troops.

Military sources also hinted that further instructions have been handed, in line with the elimination of terrorists groups still operating in the North West and South Regions of Cameroon. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

North West:Governor Adolph Lele Lafrique, named the Region's "Best man"

Governor Adolph Lele L’Afrique has been celebrated for his sportmanship and social development strides in the region. He was officially named the "best man" of the region by PWD club president Pascal Abunde, Regional Assembly president, Professor Fru Angwafo III and North west FECAFOOT president, Mbigha Njah Felix. 

This was during the home coming celebration of the Champions of the Cameroon Cup PWD Bamenda at Commercial Avenue Bamenda on Thursday 17th March 2022.
Governor Adolph Lele was adorned in the grassfield traditional regalia commonly called "Toghu". He was equally handed a "souvenir" Toghu ball that was used during AFCON 2021 competitions in Cameroon. He was bestowed this title of 'best man' of the Region, given his diverse successful achievements and contributions in sports and other development activities in the region. 
Pascal Abunde, President PWD Bamenda

The president of PWD Bamenda Pascal Abunde, in his appreciation remark narrated how, the Governor committedly did all it takes to ensure the team prepared very well for the  success they brought back home.

The Governor expressed  gratitude with such a move and said the 'toghu' ball serves as a great memory for him and will further serve as a reminder for him to work for more development in the region.
He equally took the opportunity to reassure the population of the North We West Region that, a befitting stadium would soon be constructed in Bamenda.

"After the Cup of Cameroon finals, the Prime Minister invited me for a meeting where we discussed not only the issue of the stadium but the issue of the road too..." Governor Lele disclosed.
The home coming of PWD Bamenda with the trophy on March 17, also marked the 10th anniversary of Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique as Governor of the North West Region. While celebrating his 10 years at the helm of the Region, it is worth noting that, Governor Lele has won 2 finals of the Cameroonian Cup with uncountable sport successes and consolidation of social development. He won the Cup of Cameroon  in 2013 with Young Sport Academy and then, the 2021 with PWD  Bamenda.

Friday, March 18, 2022

2022 Budget Launch:MINEDUB North West Prioritizes Schools’ Reconstruction

Wilfred Wambeng Ndong, RD Basic Education

The Regional Delegate of Basic Education for the North West, Wilfred Wambeng Ndong has intimated that priority projects for the delegation for the year 2022 will be reconstruction of schools destroyed during the socio-political crisis within North West region. 

He made the revelation at the Bamenda MINEPAT Conference Hall on March 16, 2022 during the MINEDUB North West budget launch for the year 2022. 

The MINEDUB boss regretted the fact that some persons have decided to turn schools which used to be a citadel of learning for our children into separatist camps. "Some schools have been turned to secessionist camps”, he lamented.
Secretary General, NW Governor's office

While launching the budget, the Governor’s Representative, Viang Mekala who doubles as the Secretary General at North West Governor’s office urged the various stakeholders to ensure that they evaluate the previous year’s budget execution so as to know where to ameliorate in implementing the 2022 budget.
The budget launch ended with a seminar. On his part, Mbohou Thamas, the MINEDUB team leader from Yaounde underscored that the training workshop was aimed at presenting innovations for the 2022 State budget as well as laying down the implementation modalities for government nursery, primary and practicing schools. He furthered that it was to optimize the execution of the public investment budget and get the various stakeholders acquainted with the new nomenclature of the state budget. The Yaounde team leader noted that many innovations are in the offing regarding the execution of the 2022 budget.
"We have many innovations especially the new nomenclature of the budget. We are now trying to give more responsibilities to various heads of structures to manage the means of the State. We want to avoid a loss of those means. That implies everybody at their own level will be responsible in the management of the means of the state", Mbohou stated.
The over 40 participants at the workshop were schooled on: innovations and orientations of the State budget for the 2022 financial year, optimization of feedback  in the execution of public investment budget, management of the budget of kindergarden, primary and practicing schools etc.

The budget for the Ministry of Basic Education for the 2022 financial year stands at FCFA 244 billion while that of the North West Regional Delegation of Basic Education stands at 260million FCFA.

By Sandrine Moma

Thursday, March 17, 2022

North West: Regional Launching of the 4th round of COVID 19 Vaccination Campaign

Secretary General NW Governor's office, Viang MeKala

The Secretary General at the North West Governor's Office, Viang Mekala has called on the population of the North West Region to more than ever before respect the COVID 19 barrier measures and most importantly get vaccinated.
Dignitaries present at the Launch

He made this call while representing Governor Lele Lafrique at the  official launch of the 4th round of COVID 19  vaccination campaign in the Region on Tuesday, March 16, 2022 at the esplanade of the North West Governor's office. 
SG governor's office, SDO Mezam, Director Regional Hospital taking their booster jabs.

 In his launching remark, the Representative of the Governor enjoined administrative authorities, Mayors, Traditional Rulers, Religious Authorities and all stakeholders concerned to collectively put hands on deck to ensure the success of this 4th round of COVID 19 intensified campaign, which will run from wednesday the 16th to Sunday the 20th March 2022. 
Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Kingley Che Soh

Presenting the epidemiological situation of the pandemic in the Region, the Regional Delegate of public health, Dr. Kingsley Che Soh, revealed that, the 4th wave reached its peak during the 1st and 2nd weeks of 2022, with 510 cases and 11 deaths. But following an effective response, the Region has experienced a progressive decrease in the number of cases and deaths, such that, the 10th epidiomological week (last week), the Region recorded a total of only 3  confirmed cases with 3 deaths. 

 Dr Che Soh further revealed that from the onset of the pandemic to last week, the Region has recorded  a total of 13.085 confirmed cases, with 12.590 recoveries (96% of patients), and 489 deaths (3.7%).
         Dr. Che Soh facing the Press
It should be noted that since the outbreak of the pandemic,
Mass campaigns have proven to be one of the most effective strategies to combat the pandemic, given that 44% of those vaccinated actually received their vaccines during the 3 previous mass Campaigns. Reason why, a 4th campaign to intensify vaccination against COVID 19. And this campaign will target
health personnel, any one aged 18 and above with focus on persons 50 years and above,  and people with underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc. Johnson and Johnson ( single dose protocol), Sinopharm , Pfizer (double dose protocol) will be available during this campaign. For persons who have already completed their vacination schedule , booster doses will be administered to them as some already received during the launch.
                     Vaccine Stand

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Civil - Military Cooperation: population of Bafmeng in Menchum Division request for roads

         Brigadier General Nka Valere

Within the framework of the peace building process in the North-West Region, the Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region Brigadier General Nka Valere, over the weekend, was in Menchum Division to Assess the Security Situation and bond with the population of Bafmeng through  civil-Military actions in Bafmeng. The brigadier General and his team braved the odds of the  bad roads to Bafmeng where he was welcomed by a crowd of over 5000 people chanting with Peace plants.
The 3 days working visit which took place from March 10 -12, 2022, was marked by activities that ranged from, free screening, Consultation and administering of drugs by a team of Military medical doctors and nurses, donation of 200 benches to some four schools in the Sub Division, and some food items like palm oil, vegetable oil, rice, salt, beans, maize, 3 cows etc.
The military boss of the 5th Joint Military Region equally donated didactic materials for children and improved maize seeds to farmers as well as holding closed door peace building meetings with Fons and Ardos of Fungom subdivision. A Peace and unity gala football and handball matches, between Saturday sharp and old town united FC (for football) and the  Uprising stars of Ipalim and Young Strikers Imo (for handball) were highlights of the Military boss' mission in Menchum Division.
Mayor Njah Titus Ndongkeh of Zhoa Council

In his welcome address, the Mayor of Zhoa Council, Njah Titus Ndongkeh, thanked General Nka for choosing his municipality to benefit from such a philanthtopy. "The population has benefited from the free health screening  offered by the deployed  medical team, the 200 benches and didactic materials donated, which will improve on the studying  conditions of learners within this municipality. Also, the food items and farm inputs are so timely, since this is the farming season". mayor Njah intimated.
While thanking the General, like Oliver Twist, the Mayor seized the opportunity to ask for more; "the aspect of opening and developing roads in Zhoa Council is a concern. We request you could use your high office to implore the services of "Genie Militaire" to open up some of our roads as well as rehabilitate some. This will be a great relief to our suffering masses as well as facilitate the work of the defense and security forces in case of interventions and reinforcement of Law and Order. Mayor Njah requested. 
He further raised the challenge of lack of identification centres which makes it so difficult for the population of Fungom Sub Division to obtain National Identity Cards, since they have to cover long distances from Abar to Esu and from Bafmeng to Wum or Esu, just to obtain identification papers.
In his intervention, the General, acknowledged taking note of the concerns raised and promised channeling them to the appropriate headquarters for reaction. He further  reminded the population that the defense and security forces are there to protect them and not to kill them. And to that effect, they need the full support and collaboration of the population to better  secure them and their properties. He equally called on the sons and daughters of Menchum Division to be agents of peace and development in their respective communities. General Nka also issued a warning to those still terrorizing the population and who have refused to drop their arms against the state, and go the DDR center. If not, they will be hunted down by defense and security forces.
Speaking on behalf of the Fungom population as a whole, mama Anastasia Mbebu, an inhabitant of Bafmeng, thanked the Brigadier General for having their community at heart. "We the inhabitants of Fungom sub Division have never experienced this kind of generosity and we wish to thank the General for all that he has done to our community through his visit. We promise to be Law abiding citizens and ambassadors of peace and development in our community." She expressed.

It is worth noting that, Zhoa Council is made up of 26 villages with a population of over 148.000. It is surrounded by Furu-Awa Council and Benue State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the North, Menchum Valley and Wum Council to the South, Taraba State of Nigeria to the East and boarded to the West by Fonfuka Council.

Wum Council adopts 2021 Administrative and Management Accounts

Dighambong Anthony Mvo, Mayor of Wum Council

The Mayor of Wum Council, Dighambong Anthony Mvo, has congratulated the Staff of the council for their efforts to collect revenue though asking them to do more. He equally called on the various stakeholders concerned to work in close collaboration with the council for income generation and not only tapping from the council.

Mayor Dighambong made this declaration during the ordinary session that held last Thursday, March 10th 2022, at the wum Council Hall. The objective of the session was to examine, scrutinize, vote and adopt the 2021 accounts of Wum Council.
The council session was chaired by the Wum Council Mayor, Councilor Dighambong Anthony Mvo, in the presence  of the Chief of Service for General Affairs at the Menchum Divisional Office, Mr. Kpwa Sylvester Kam.

In his welcome address, Mayor Dighambong Anthony Mvo, expressed that, after voting the 2021 Budget and handing over to the council executive to execute, it was but normal for the councilors to sit again in a session like this, to evaluate themselves and strategise for the future. He added that such an ordinary session rare opportunity to mirror their actions in order to improve on the living conditions of the population of the municipality.
Speaking further, Mayor  Dighambong Anthony Mvo, used the opportunity to announce the Hygiene and Sanitation Contest of the Most clean village of the municipality.  The 1st Prize shall be CFA 100,000, the 2nd Prize CFA 50,000 and the 3rd Prize CFA 25,000. Clean up campaigns for the Wum Municipality has been slated for every first Wednesday of the Month.

He equally intimated that, with the budget collected, the following projects were realized:
Rehabilitation of Two Classrooms and a Head Teacher’s Office at Government Practicing School Group I Zongefu in Wum Municipality Menchum Division North West Region.
Recruitment of 250 youths in the Municipality for manual maintenance of inter village roads that were long abandoned. They were recruited for a period of 2 months.
Rehabilitation of Two Classrooms and a Head Teacher’s Office at Government Practicing School Group II Zongefu in Wum Municipality Menchum Division North West Region.
Capacity building initiative to strengthen women’s participation in the peace process in Wum central.
Construction of a box culvert 7m in Waindo village.
Construction of 32 market sheds in the wum main market.
Supply of benches for some schools in wum.
Rehabilitation of a Block of 02 Classrooms and Head Teacher’s Office at Government Practicing School Wum Group I at Kesu in Wum Municipality Menchum Division North West Region.
Construction of a cattle vaccination crush in Bu village.
support to  youth farming groups (kesu youth , ketcha youths and Waindo youths).
Installation of Solar Lighting Systems at the Wum Mortuary of the Wum Municipality.
Purchase of Motor Bikes for the Bu integrated health center in the Wum Municipality.
Rehabilitation of Two Classrooms and a Head Teacher’s Office at Government School Agulli in Wum Municipality Menchum Division North West Region.
Construction of a Fence of the Wum Urban Integrated Health Centre of The Wum Municipality.
Rehabilitation of the Road Linking Magha to Wazoh and Zongefu to Zongekwo, just to name a few. 
The Administrative and Management Accounts of Wum Council adopted by the councillors, amounted to 646, 319, 820 FCFA (Six hundred and forty-six million, three hundred and nineteen thousand, eight hundred and twenty) as against a budgeted amount of 950,050,000FCFA, giving a realization rate of 68.03% in relative terms.
The total amount received for investment was 226,919,460 FCFA against a budgeted amount of 480,100,000 FCFA giving an achievement level of 47.27%. The total recurrent revenue, (account heads 7.1 to 7.7) otherwise known as functional revenue, that is, income meant for running council activities was 200,985,314 FCFA as against 469,950,000 FCFA budgeted giving an achievement level of 42.77%.

As concerns expenditure, the total committed expenditure was 421,906,720FCFA out of the budgeted amount of 950,050,000 FCFA; giving a percentage of 44.41%, leaving a balance of 224,413,100 FCFA out of the total actual revenue of 646, 319,820 FCFA to be carried forward to 2022 financial year.   
Speaking on behalf of the Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum, the Chief of Service for General Affairs at the SDO's Office, Menchum, Mr. Kpwa Sylvester Kam, called on councillors to be ambassadors of Peace and development in their respective constituencies. He asked them to transform every stumbling block into a stepping stone, in order to build a befitting Wum Municipality and this can only be possible if they all work for the interest of the council.

Mr. Kpwa Sylvester equally saluted the joint efforts of the Wum Council Executive and the councillors in Fighting the spread of the COVID-19 in the municipality by sensitizing the masses to live up to the W.H.O/Government measures to combat the pandemic.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


Don't shout at her, she is not your child. You can correct, yes, but why shouting?

Correction should be done in love. If done in any other way, it turns to criticism and condemnation.

Stop criticizing her, rather correct in love. Most will say it's constructive criticism. But truly, It means disapproval by pointing out errors and mistakes.
Correction is the act of offering better options to mistakes 
Correction and criticism are never the same

What manner of food is this?
Is this popcorn or fried rice?
how I wish I marry a more sensible wife  with better home training, who can cook better.
sweetheart this rice it too salty and dry unlike the one you did yesterday. I think salt should be reduce any other time because of our health.
Husband A criticized while Husband B corrected his wife in love

It will be wrong to correct when it's not well done, when you don't praise when it's well done. Form the habit of praising and appreciating your wife for good deeds.

Avoid correcting your wife in the presence of your children. Incessant correction of your wife before your children will make them disrespect her.

Avoid correcting your wife in the public, it does not show you as a gentleman, and will affect her self-esteem.

Stop correcting your wife in anger, shouting, ranting, beating and making trouble. Real men don't do that.

In your thought of correcting her, you might have been comparing her with other women.
"Don't you see what your friend is doing?" Can't you learn from our neighbors wife?" "and so?"

Avoid referring to issues discussed and settled. Stick to the present issue, discuss like adults and move on.

"And you call yourself a woman?, Virtuous women don't behave like this, you better change before I change you!." This is very wrong, don't do it

You don't behave like someone with sense, do you think at all? And you said you went to school, I doubt it."
This is very wrong you also are not talking like someone that pass through a college.

Most husbands do want to correct in the heat of anger, at the height of misunderstanding, when temper has already hit the roof. That is not the best time to correct, it will yield little or no result.

The best way to correct is to lead by example, step into the kitchen to give a helping hand, don't just sit in the front of the television correcting what goes on in the kitchen.
Wives are doing a great job, appreciate yours and support her to be better wife and mother.


Friday, March 4, 2022


1. Wear something easy to remove, comfortable and sexy. Make the work of your partner easy to peel off your clothes to reveal the naked you. Yummy lingerie, loose boxer. Sleep naked for best results

2. Brush your teeth to encourage kissing

3. Don't carry work to bed

4. Minimize the use of phones or laptops. Your partner needs attention, the bedroom is sacred

5. Move the baby to a separate room (if your finances allow you to and you have a home of more than one bedroom) when the baby is of age. The child might have been conceived in the bedroom but is not meant to live in your bedroom that is an exclusive island for two

6. Gentleman have that one spot besides her lips you kiss each night; whether it's her forehead, fingers, shoulders, back or butt. Lady, stroke him with your gentle touch, your fingers speaking love

7. Make a habit of praising each other's body, it makes you both comfortable and relax. Talk those bedroom matters

8. Pray together before you sleep, and when you wake up

9. Apologize and forgive if any wrong was done during the day. Don't sleep with a grudge or anger

10. Read your partner's body language. If you or your partner desires to make love, then rise to the occasion or wet up to the occasion; whether night or morning glory

11. Have pillow talks, open your heart and lips and talk intimate stuff. Say how you feel; are you troubled, grateful, broken?

12. Cuddle up when you feel sleep is fast approaching, drown into sleep as your bodies intertwine

13. Tell each other how much you mean to each other. Your partner never gets enough of your affirmation

14. Incase one of you farts, laugh about it (some farts are unstoppable)

15. Cover your partner incase you wake up in the middle of the night and find your partner outside the duvet/ blanket

16. Kiss your partner when you come back from peeing in the middle of the night

17. Hold your partner close and pray when your partner wakes up terrified by a nightmare

18. Give a goodnight and goodmorning kiss

19. Spend some few minutes of love in bed even when the alarm wakes you up

20. Carry the love you have for each other even when you leave the bed

Thursday, March 3, 2022


Many wives wish that they can change their husbands for the better, but you cannot change a man, you can only influence him to the point that he desires change for himself. How?

1. Make sure the home is peaceful, not a place he wants to run away from. This will make him spend more time at home with you, giving you more room to influence him 

2. Find out what is his vision and show him that you care about his vision. This way, he will tell you his biggest dreams that he is afraid to tell people because people don't believe in him

3. Appreciate him for the little he does and he will naturally find himself doing more for you so that he can be rewarded with more of your appreciation 

4. Complain less. This will make him less defensive and more mouldable by you. If he starts to see you as a fault finder, he will pull away making you less influential 

5. Make him proud. Do great things as an individual, have something uniquely yours that is worth admiring. Let him go out there and hear admirable things about you, let him look at you as an individual, a business woman, a career woman, a mother who is glowing. Men tend to yield to the influence of the woman they admire, not the woman who is a drag, stressful, negative and who has given up on life 

6. Teach him how to do those things you wish he would do for you. If you wish that he be more courteous to you, that he would ask you how your day has been, that he would be more open and transparent; don't demand for it, show him by practicing it and he will warm up to it through your gentleness 

7. Call out his greatness because your words mean alot to him. Speak life to him both when he is down and when things are going well.  Tell him how great a future he has, how an amazing business man he is, how big a blessing he is;  he will find himself living up to those words even if he falls short. Teachers and employers use this strategy to bring out the best in people. Truth is, most likely your husband is hanging around people who only see him in the here and now, you be the unique voice that speaks into his future 

8. Correct him with love. Yes, there are times he will fall short, but the tone and approach you use while correcting him matters. If you come off harsh and as if you are attacking him, he will pull away; but when he sees that you are coming from a place of love and you mean well, he will allow you to be the iron that sharpens the iron that he is

9. Do not overreact or become overly sensitive and judgemental. Your husband is paying attention to how you react to topics and he will choose what to talk about with you based on your reaction. If he notices that you get edgy when he talks about an innocent female friend, his mother, finances or his past; he will keep off such topics. But when you are a secure wife, easy to talk to, he will tell you the intrigues in his life, he will tell you about his friends, the weirdest things that happened to him, what his mother is thinking, the troubles he has gotten into, the ex who tried to make contact him, the lady he gave a ride to in the car when it was raining.... All because you are easy to talk to.  The more you know, the more you will influence him 

10. Pray for him. Yes, team up with God to mould him. You are the one who knows your husband's strengths, weaknesses, temptations, traumas and struggles. Commit him to God in prayer 

11. Praise him in public because a man feels more emboldened to be great when his woman highlights his goodness

12. Make him feel needed. Men long to feel useful. When a man is made to feel he adds no value and can be easily discarded, he feels worthless; but when you remind him of how much he means to you, when you ask him for help even when you can do it on your own, when you seek his advice, when you request him to sort out an issue in the house and make him feel like he has saved the day; he will lean more towards you and you will influence him 

13. Notice his growth. As he makes incremental progress towards being a better man, spending more time with the children, taking care of you; show him that you see his effort and it will motivate him 

14. Give him space and be patient. Don't police him, choke his time or want to micromanage him as if he is a little boy and you know better; he will only rebel. But when you allow him to find his personal pace and path to growth, when you allow him to miss you sometimes, to hear other viewpoints;  soon, he will begin to see that the best is with you 

15. Find out what he likes to talk about, this will be a great conversation starter. Men actually do love to talk, they are just picky with topics. What is his favourite topic? Music, history, business, cars, leadership, science? Show interest in his topics and he will light up talking with you about them and find himself talking with you about conversations you care about 

16. Don't compare him with others, including with yourself. Don't say words such as "I feel like I am the man in this marriage", "Why can't you do the way I do things?", "Other husbands do better than you", "Why can't you be like Mwende's husband?"... You will lose your husband with this approach. You don't inspire a man by comparing him with others, but by speaking to the individual great man he can be

17. Don't take him for granted then start to do the right things when you have lost him. Don't mistreat him, ignore him,  watch him walk astray and do nothing then desperately do all the right things when it all gets complicated

18. Give him counsel, not orders. Your advice should not be an order but a suggestion. Your delivery is important. When you suggest, he will ponder upon it and find himself paying attention to your counsel, thus influencing him 

Many married men look back and see how much they have changed for the better through the love of the wife. That is how powerful and influential women are.