Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Civil - Military Cooperation: population of Bafmeng in Menchum Division request for roads

         Brigadier General Nka Valere

Within the framework of the peace building process in the North-West Region, the Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region Brigadier General Nka Valere, over the weekend, was in Menchum Division to Assess the Security Situation and bond with the population of Bafmeng through  civil-Military actions in Bafmeng. The brigadier General and his team braved the odds of the  bad roads to Bafmeng where he was welcomed by a crowd of over 5000 people chanting with Peace plants.
The 3 days working visit which took place from March 10 -12, 2022, was marked by activities that ranged from, free screening, Consultation and administering of drugs by a team of Military medical doctors and nurses, donation of 200 benches to some four schools in the Sub Division, and some food items like palm oil, vegetable oil, rice, salt, beans, maize, 3 cows etc.
The military boss of the 5th Joint Military Region equally donated didactic materials for children and improved maize seeds to farmers as well as holding closed door peace building meetings with Fons and Ardos of Fungom subdivision. A Peace and unity gala football and handball matches, between Saturday sharp and old town united FC (for football) and the  Uprising stars of Ipalim and Young Strikers Imo (for handball) were highlights of the Military boss' mission in Menchum Division.
Mayor Njah Titus Ndongkeh of Zhoa Council

In his welcome address, the Mayor of Zhoa Council, Njah Titus Ndongkeh, thanked General Nka for choosing his municipality to benefit from such a philanthtopy. "The population has benefited from the free health screening  offered by the deployed  medical team, the 200 benches and didactic materials donated, which will improve on the studying  conditions of learners within this municipality. Also, the food items and farm inputs are so timely, since this is the farming season". mayor Njah intimated.
While thanking the General, like Oliver Twist, the Mayor seized the opportunity to ask for more; "the aspect of opening and developing roads in Zhoa Council is a concern. We request you could use your high office to implore the services of "Genie Militaire" to open up some of our roads as well as rehabilitate some. This will be a great relief to our suffering masses as well as facilitate the work of the defense and security forces in case of interventions and reinforcement of Law and Order. Mayor Njah requested. 
He further raised the challenge of lack of identification centres which makes it so difficult for the population of Fungom Sub Division to obtain National Identity Cards, since they have to cover long distances from Abar to Esu and from Bafmeng to Wum or Esu, just to obtain identification papers.
In his intervention, the General, acknowledged taking note of the concerns raised and promised channeling them to the appropriate headquarters for reaction. He further  reminded the population that the defense and security forces are there to protect them and not to kill them. And to that effect, they need the full support and collaboration of the population to better  secure them and their properties. He equally called on the sons and daughters of Menchum Division to be agents of peace and development in their respective communities. General Nka also issued a warning to those still terrorizing the population and who have refused to drop their arms against the state, and go the DDR center. If not, they will be hunted down by defense and security forces.
Speaking on behalf of the Fungom population as a whole, mama Anastasia Mbebu, an inhabitant of Bafmeng, thanked the Brigadier General for having their community at heart. "We the inhabitants of Fungom sub Division have never experienced this kind of generosity and we wish to thank the General for all that he has done to our community through his visit. We promise to be Law abiding citizens and ambassadors of peace and development in our community." She expressed.

It is worth noting that, Zhoa Council is made up of 26 villages with a population of over 148.000. It is surrounded by Furu-Awa Council and Benue State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the North, Menchum Valley and Wum Council to the South, Taraba State of Nigeria to the East and boarded to the West by Fonfuka Council.

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