Thursday, March 17, 2022

North West: Regional Launching of the 4th round of COVID 19 Vaccination Campaign

Secretary General NW Governor's office, Viang MeKala

The Secretary General at the North West Governor's Office, Viang Mekala has called on the population of the North West Region to more than ever before respect the COVID 19 barrier measures and most importantly get vaccinated.
Dignitaries present at the Launch

He made this call while representing Governor Lele Lafrique at the  official launch of the 4th round of COVID 19  vaccination campaign in the Region on Tuesday, March 16, 2022 at the esplanade of the North West Governor's office. 
SG governor's office, SDO Mezam, Director Regional Hospital taking their booster jabs.

 In his launching remark, the Representative of the Governor enjoined administrative authorities, Mayors, Traditional Rulers, Religious Authorities and all stakeholders concerned to collectively put hands on deck to ensure the success of this 4th round of COVID 19 intensified campaign, which will run from wednesday the 16th to Sunday the 20th March 2022. 
Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Kingley Che Soh

Presenting the epidemiological situation of the pandemic in the Region, the Regional Delegate of public health, Dr. Kingsley Che Soh, revealed that, the 4th wave reached its peak during the 1st and 2nd weeks of 2022, with 510 cases and 11 deaths. But following an effective response, the Region has experienced a progressive decrease in the number of cases and deaths, such that, the 10th epidiomological week (last week), the Region recorded a total of only 3  confirmed cases with 3 deaths. 

 Dr Che Soh further revealed that from the onset of the pandemic to last week, the Region has recorded  a total of 13.085 confirmed cases, with 12.590 recoveries (96% of patients), and 489 deaths (3.7%).
         Dr. Che Soh facing the Press
It should be noted that since the outbreak of the pandemic,
Mass campaigns have proven to be one of the most effective strategies to combat the pandemic, given that 44% of those vaccinated actually received their vaccines during the 3 previous mass Campaigns. Reason why, a 4th campaign to intensify vaccination against COVID 19. And this campaign will target
health personnel, any one aged 18 and above with focus on persons 50 years and above,  and people with underlying health conditions like diabetes, hypertension etc. Johnson and Johnson ( single dose protocol), Sinopharm , Pfizer (double dose protocol) will be available during this campaign. For persons who have already completed their vacination schedule , booster doses will be administered to them as some already received during the launch.
                     Vaccine Stand

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