Sunday, February 20, 2022


1. Don't go back to an ex just because you miss the sex

2. Establish boundaries between you and your ex. It is easy to slip back to an ex due to past experiences shared. Move on completely lest you confuse and hinder your progress 

3. Before you date or marry someone, find out what happened to lead to their break up with the ex lest they import the mess from their previous relationship into the one they are building with you 

4. Before you get into a new relationship, make sure things between you and your ex are completely over. An undecided heart breaks other hearts 

5. You don't have to keep in touch with your ex. This is because you can easily find yourself being mindful of the feelings of your ex, forgetting the feelings of your current partner. Your loyalty and responsibility is to your new found love 

6. Don't keep praising your ex to your current partner 

7. How you treat and talk about your ex will either make your partner very secure or very insecure 

8. If you have a child/children with your ex and you two have chosen to co-parent, keep boundaries. Let your communication be based on your parenting. Your current partner will not mind if you are honest, transparent and clear on boundaries 

9. If your ex is taken or you are taken, stop feeding your past emotions by telling each other "I miss you" or calling each other "Sweetheart"

10. Don't compete with your ex on who is moving on and succeeding in life better between you and your ex.  This will make you lose your focus and purpose in life as you try to prove a point. Remember your life doesn't revolve around your ex

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