Monday, February 21, 2022


Hubby and I have written our goals for the year and I thought it was a good idea to share goals which would be helpful to other marriages too. Enjoy the read

1. Ensure to pray at least once a day with your spouse. If you don't live together, pray over the phone. A couple that prays together stays together.

2. Apologise immediately. Don't let hurts linger. This year, choose to apologise, not your way but the way your spouse appreciates it. Know your spouse's language of apology.
In the same vein, forgive in advance. Your spouse will offend you, most of the time unintentionally, give allowance for offences and when they happen, be willing and ready to forgive. Don't give room for the enemy to sow seeds of bitterness in your heart and marriage. 

3. Be committed to budgeting. We have a fortnightly budget that we started last year and it really worked for us! Now we are debt free! 
Buy only what you can afford, if you can't afford it and you need it, save towards it. If you must take a loan, make sure it is for an asset like buying a house and not a liability like a car! 

4. Date each other at least once a month. We have decided every two weeks. 
Strengthen the friendship between you both and take each other out for a walk, a movie date, a lunch or dinner date... Just the two of you, if you've got kids, find someone to help look after them.

5. Have sex regularly. Sex strengthens the intimacy between couples. Don't just ignore this area of your marriage, make it a priority to satisfy each other sexually. Don't stop there spice it up trying new styles this year.
I'm taking mine to the next level and will be signing up for sex courses. You will get all the gist exclusive on my blog only. 

6. Communicate more. Don't continue to assume your spouse will know what's on your mind and how you feel. Remember that without communication, there's no information and without information, there's no understanding. Ensure that you both are willing to talk about issues on your mind and you both listen to each other.

7. Be more committed to God. Spend time as a couple studying God's word. I've decided to finish reading the Bible for the first time this year and share with hubby all I'm learning and it has been fun so far.
In addition, attend church services regularly and find a unit in church where you both can serve God with your talents and gifts wholeheartedly.

8. Teach your children God's word. Last year we were consistent with teaching our 4 and 5 year olds memory verses, today they know about 20 of them. This year our goal is different. It is not enough to allow them follow you to church, make out time to teach them God's word and lead them to Christ when they understand.

9. Determine to speak each others love language more fluently this year than ever before. If your spouse’s love language is quality time, don't waste your time showering him or her with gifts which would mean nothing. Be ready to change this year and express love in ways meaningful to your spouse.

10. Divorce is not an option! Do your best to work together and not against each other. Realise that you are a team. Wives, be determined to respect your husbands this year and husbands be determined to love your wives no matter what. 

There you go. God bless you and your marriage! 

Thanks for reading. 

If you have been inspired by this please feel free to share with others. 

The States Lady

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