Tuesday, March 28, 2023

PPRD-NW/SW: Committee assesses execution levels in the North West

Balungeli Confiance Ebune, President PPRD steering committee

The steering Committee for the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development for the North West and South West Regions (PPRD-NW/SW), is currently on a working visit to the North West Region  today to evaluate the execution rate of works carried out under the mentioned plan. 

Singing of the national anthem 

Speaking during the event, the PPRD President who doubles as Director of Carbinet at the Prime Minister's office, Balungeli Confiance Ebune urged the population of the North West Region to collaborate with stakeholders involved in the reconstruction plan for the development of their region. "Time has come where we should take our destinies into our hands...we take it or shy to the threats of those who don't want development". He stated. He also saluted the efforts of the stakeholders involved in the reconstruction of the North West Region  and called on them to  accelerate this  reconstruction process to improve the livelihood of the population. 

NW Regional Coordinator UNDP 

Speaking for the implementing partner of the reconstruction plan, the United Nations Development Program, the North-West Regional Coordinator for UNDP,  Mme Mary Nyuyinui, outlined the level of execution in the Region, stating that the Presidential Plan has reconstructed and euipped four women  Empowerment centres, organised seven socio-cultural events, supported four media houses. For Infrastructure, 45 projects have been carried out and of these 45, thirty schools were  rehabilitated and equipped, seven health centres and 8 water points powered by solar.  Also, 200 farmers have their farms rehabilitated, 37 women cooperatives and a host of poultry farmers have been supported. The projects outlined cut across all the seven Divisions of the North West Region.

She also expressed the  difficulties faced in accessing some areas in the Region where projects had to be executed due to bad roads and insecurity. 

During the visit, it was revealed that  with initial start-up budget of fcfa 10 billion from the State, the PPRD received an additional fcfa 2.8 billion from the Japanese government, fcfa 1.5 billion at the start and  fcfa 1.3 billion this year. The plan is hugely supported by: the Islamic Development Bank, SABC, the Employers Union  Bank of Cameroon, GICAM amongst others.

Prof. Fru Fobuzshi ANGWAFO III 

In his own intervention,  Professor Fru Fobushzi Angwafo III, President of the North West Regional Assembly, appreciated the reconstruction plan for its role in ensuring the steady return to sustainable peace and normalcy in the Region. 
And seized the opportunity appeal to  UNDP to take into consideration the vulnerable population, and consider inclusiveness, in the implementation process.

Prof. Angwafo III also believes that, it is imperative for the Regional Assembly to partner with the PPRD, put together resources and reach out to the  Divisions and Sub Divisions in order to improve on the livelihood of the populations.

Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique 

On his part, the Governor of the North West Region, H. E Adolph Lele Lafrique while appreciating the level of execution of the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development in the North West, stated that;

"Many villages were empty, many have returned to open their small scale businesses. In Nkambe the local population has shown gratitude for the multipurpose hall given to them by the Head of State through the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development. 
"Though the road to Nkambe is horrible in some parts, the people are fade up and the population of the Northwest region in general are expecting that the PPRD will help them to rebuild back better." Governor Lele Lafrique added.

The first day of the working visit of the steering Committee for the Presidential Plan of Reconstruction and Development in the North West Region ended with a tour of some giant projects in  Bamenda III Municipality; namely, the Water Treatment Centre in Mente and the Full Gospel School in Nkwen. The tour to other sites where reconstruction is ongoing in the Region is expected to continue tomorrow March 29, 2023.

Accompanying Minister Balungeli were:  the North West Governor and his entourage, the President of the North West Regional Assembly, the SDO for Mezam, Mayors, Divisional Officers, Regional Delegates of: Communication, Water and Energy, Public Works, Basic and Secondary Education amongst other officials. 

It should be noted that the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions (PPRD-NW/SW), was an off-shoot of the Major National Dialogue that held from September 30, to October 04, 2019 in Yaounde, that was  created by President Paul Biya is aimed at rebuilding and rehabilitating what existed before but had been destroyed in the course of the socio-political crisis in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon. 

Since its coming into   place on April 3, 2020, and for almost three years now, beneficiaries of this plan have attested to its effectiveness and vision to improving livelihoods.

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