Wednesday, April 1, 2020


1. An immature woman desperately looks for attention. She is loose. She has an unhealthy dependency on attention; her body and sexual flirts is her only billboard to gain attention.... A mature woman attracts admiration by what she does, her reputation draws people to her, her body is not a billboard but the carrier of her greatness that lies inside, she grows her mind and heart; attention finds her she doesn't look for it.

2. An immature woman uses what is between her legs as a weapon of power. She boasts "I have the vagina so I make all the rules". She uses sex as a war card in battling her husband. She confuses the lust men have for her to mean she is incharge, but in essence, she is just a doll in a game of men who just want to use her... A mature woman doesn't play with sex. She holds sex in high regard, wouldn't deny her husband love making just to get back at him. She knows sex is not a weapon or bait but an expression of intimacy and love. When a man gets to her vagina, it's not because he's conquered or has reached the highest level of a casual game; but because she loves him.

3. An immature woman makes decisions based on rumors. She acts on rumors, she would break up with her man based on the rumors she's heard about him. She gossips, is driven by emotions... A mature woman searches for the truth. She has no time for gossip and small talk. She makes decisions on facts, and respectfully confronts her man when she hears something unsettling; not trusting outsiders. She is not controlled by her emotions, she controls her emotions.

4. An immature woman equates a great man to merely having wealth. She belittles men who have few resources, she is attracted first by material things, she fails to see the many great men who have become icons and successful, not out of being rich but through their character, she is shallow... A mature woman looks at a man's character. She realizes that a man who has little today can have plenty tomorrow, she believes in hardwork and can rejoice in the success of a wealthy man and also spot a man who is heading to greatness. She is not moved by wealth because she is looking for more. She builds her own wealth and wants a man to build an empire with 

5. An immature woman allows people's opinion to bully her and sink her, she pays too much attention to what people think, she never makes any move because of fear of outsider's voices... A mature woman is firm in her identity. Hate her and she will still be her, laugh at her and she will still soldier on, tell her it's impossible she will still pursue her dreams, she is confident in who she is.

6. An immature woman is lazy, she looks for a man who can be a sponsor, she is a gold-digger, she wastes all the years of education her parents invested in her by sitting down and waiting for a man to worship her and be a giver to her, her laziness is a burden no matter how beautiful or sexy she is... A mature woman wants to give. She wants to contribute, she is a hardworker, she is not looking for favors, she may be a housewife or having a rich man but she will still work hard and give even if not financially. She loves it when she does things for her man and for others.

7. An immature woman, if she is a single mother, she hates her child because the child reminds her of the man who impregnated her. She takes out the hate for her ex on the child she had with him, she mistreats her own child or avoids spending much time with her own child out of disgust.... A mature woman is the best mother whether with her man or as a single mum. She forgives and lets go of the man if he leaves and loves on the child. She showers her own child with love, not punishing the child for the wrongs of the father.

8. An immature woman wages a war against men, she uses the past struggles caused by men as an excuse to hate on every man. The wrongs done to her by one man or a few men shapes how she sees every man. She lives life as a battle of sexes and indoctrinates other women and girls with this anti-men philosophy.... A mature woman respects men, she doesn't see men as enemies, she judges every man individually without generalization, she believes every man should be given a chance just like every woman, she sees the ideal situation as men and women building a better world.

9. An immature woman breaks her own home with her toxic words and unloving deeds towards her man. She makes loving her difficult... A mature woman builds her home. She is lovable. She is faithful, she keeps off her friend's man. If her man cheats on her she wouldn't cheat in revenge but walk away with her dignity of seek a solution only if he is committed to change 

10. An immature woman is her own worst enemy. She beats herself down, gives up on herself, loves playing the victim. She looks at the mirror and she's herself as ugly. She hates her body, has a low self esteem, forgives others but doesn't forgive herself, crucifies herself for her past sins and feels deserving of crap and mediocre... A mature woman is her own best friend. She encourages herself. Others may not believe in her but she'll never give up on herself. She is confident in her beauty. She loves her body knowing she has only that body all her life. She treats herself well, forgives others and herself, refuses to be a slave of her own negative thoughts. She glows.

© The States Lady

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