Wednesday, April 1, 2020


1. An immature man pursues sex for the sake of hornyness. A mature man pursues love; sex finds context in love.

2. An immature man worships money, he chases after money and wants to get rich in order to brag and show off. A mature man makes money serve him, he attracts money, uses money to effect an impact on earth.

3. An immature man sees asking for help as a shame. A mature man asks for help when lost or in need, he knows pride can keep you from learning and growing.

4. An immature man thinks the world loves to bash men. A mature man understands that demand should be placed on men, a man should play his role in society, if bashing takes place it's because many men have failed, he understands if men will hold the title of "Head of the family" they should also rise to the responsibility.

5. An immature man is threatened by an empowered woman, he demeans women and the girl child, he rapes. A mature man supports the girl-child as he mentors the boy-child. He celebrates the success of women, seeing women as equals and contributors who for far too long have been sat on to carry the manly ego.

6. An immature man rejects his own child, he runs away from his responsibilities and abandons the woman he impregnates. A mature man mans up to the consequences of his actions, he would never reject his own seed, he does what is right no matter how tough.

7. An immature man destroys his own family, he is unfaithful, he abandons his home, fails his children. A mature man stays faithful to the woman he proposed to and married, he protects his marriage and family, defends his wife from stress and pain, he is an anchor and protector, finds fulfilment in faithfulness, being a good husband and father.

8. An immature man blames the shortcomings of his father and society for his wrongs, if his father was absent or abusive he blames his reckless and abusive ways on his father. A mature man takes charge of himself despite the past, he corrects the wrongs done to him and mentors boys to become better men.

9.  An immature man finds it weak to apologize when he errs and finds it weak to show love. A mature man lives by values, he says sorry without being forced, he finds power in love, love is for the brave, pride and arrogance is for the small cowards.

10. An immature man is influenced by his peers, he lives to please his boys, he bows down to peer pressure, easily misled. A mature man is his own man, firm in identity, he is a leader, influencing for good.

© The States Lady

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