Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Governor Adolphe Lele commisions Royal 5 Nursery and Primary school

Governor Adolphe Lele cutting the commissioning ribbonGovernor Adolphe Lele Lafrique giving his commissioning speechGovernor Adolphe Lele Lafrique giving his commissioning speech
The Governor of the North-West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique last friday December 16, 2022 cut the ribbon to commission Royal 5 Nursery and Primary School, Bamenda up Station. During the school Christmas party and commissioning ceremony, Governor Lele Lafrique highly appreciated the quality of investment he sees.

"Based on what we've witnessed here today at Royal 5 Nursery and Primary school, I am convinced to say these are the kind of initiatives Cameroon needs to attain its 2035 dream and such a lofty dream will not only end at the basic education level, it will sure cut through into the secondary and even tertiary levels of Education". Governor  Lele commended, while commissioning Royal 5 Nursery and Primary school, Bamenda Up Station on Friday December 16th 2022.

Governor Lele giving his commissioning speech 

In his commissioning speech, Governor Lele further reiterated that, mindful of the fact that Royal 5 is  the very first school he is commissioning for his 11 years of service at the helm of the Region, he therefore charges the proprietor and management of the school to be role models for other schools in the Region to emulate. "Royalty entails service and respect of Republican institutions, its symbols, emblems and that of those who encarnate it, so live up to the name of the school. He added.

After the cutting of the commisioning ribbon, Governor Lele and his entourage were shown round the institution. The new facility consists  two floors and a basement, and it has the necessary conditions and enabling environment for learning and training of pupils. In particular, the building of the institution has over 20 educational classrooms and some 8 separate technical/administrative offices, and its equipment is complete within the framework of modern education requirements.

In the school facility, separate classrooms for skill acquisition have been organized like the music studio, the computer lab, the cookery lab etc. The learning experience at Royal 5 is conducted taking into account the requirements of modern times and recognized methods. 

Dr. Sama Emmanuel 
Proprietor, Royal 5 Nursery and Primary school, Bamenda Up Station 

In his welcome address,  and focusing on the mission and vision of the school, the Proprietor of Royal 5, Dr. Sama Emmanuel stated that, the school is out to through its innovative education program package and comprehensive learning experience, build well grounded, confident and responsible children equipped to achieve their full potentials in life. "Royal 5 is committed to be the Region's most trusted and valued partners in creating a destination for holistic and high quality education. We at Royal 5 are determined to make the difference and this commitment we make to all our pupils, parents and all stakeholders of the basic education sector". Dr. Sama added.

Mr. John Ngwainbi 
Headteacher Royal 5 Nursery and Primary school 
Mme Suinyuy Prudence 
Assistant Headteacher 

Presenting the holistic education program package, the headteacher of the school, Mr. John Ngwainbi and the assistant Headteacher,  Mme Suinyuy Prudence respectively unveiled the   complete curriculum consisting of a quality academic content and innovative life skill acquisition package like music, cookery, photography, tailoring/fashion designs etc. Royal 5 stands for Holistic education, moral rectitude and academic excellence 

Cross section of pupils in class

The school also offer IT classes with each pupil entitled to a laptop and high-speed Internet connection. The school also has a playground for the pupils, a security system that permits everything happening in the classes and on campus to be on record.  Not forgetting the Nursing station that takes care of the health issues of staff and pupils on campus. It is worth noting that the school is built with high architectural design and the quality of education, program content and enabling learning environment of Royal 5 Nursery and Primary school is truly something to write home about.

The pupils in all excitement graced the event with curricular activities like musical interludes, dancing, recitations, choral singing.

By VictoryMarshal Ayafor Basang 

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