Friday, April 29, 2022

Cameroon-Canada cooperation:Canada’s High Commissioner Visits North West Regional Assembly

The Canadian High  commissioner to Cameroon, His Excellency Richard Bale, on Friday, April 22, 2022 was at  the North West Regional Assembly, for a working visit.
The visiting ambassador, upon arrival, listened to a presentation on the North West Regional Development Plan (NWRDP), and the feasiblity studies for the the construction of the permanent headquarters of the North West Regional Assembly. The  two presentations were done by partner consultants of the Regional Assembly.
In his welcome note, the President of the North West Regional Assembly, Prof. Fru Angwafo III, thanked the diplomat for coming and acknowledged the long standing cooperation Canada has has with Cameroon over the years.
"The North-West Region has benefitted in large measure from the multifaceted bilateral Canada-Cameroon relations. Particularly, in the creation of community radios, technical schools and educational grants/scholarships, the Kumbo water project and in the human and physical development realm." Prof. Angwafor stated.
"The people of the North-West will forever be grateful for the overtures and actions towards a return to peace and normalcy in our restive region. We sincerely hope this visit will be a turning point in our lives, in our quest for sustained peaceful development". he added.
While appreciating Canada for the healthy bilateral relation  with Cameroon, Prof Fru Angwafo highlighted that  the North West Region in particular will be pleased to twin with Canadian Provinces to initiate partnerships and joint ventures between private concerns and or NGOs.
In his key note remark, H.E Richard Bale, Speaking to the press, expressed satisfaction for the quality of plan projected by the two presentations and promised to  study them indepth with his team upon his return to Yaounde. He congratulated the North West Regional Assembly on its great job in assessing needs and identifying opportunities for bilateral cooperations.
The ambassador equally added that, for foreign partners and investors like Canada, after receiving a plan as such, the next step is for them to go digest the plan and identify  areas of complementarity to hitching on.
Speaking on the resolution of the crisis, the High Commissioner called on Cameroonian stakeholders to device or develop solutions and implement them. However, Canada is always there to assist in such a process if called upon. He added that the security situation really need to be  addressed so that the Region can pursue its developmental plan and objectives. 
Before parting ways,  H.E Richard Bale expressed complete satisfaction to have been in the midst of the North West Regional Assembly community. “It was a great visit, I learned a lot about the North West Region of Cameroon and it was a pleasure to meet all the team.” he said.
The two personalities, Professor Fru Angwafor and H.E Richard Bale equally praised the joint progress resulting from the Cameroon-Canada bilateral cooperation. They have together expressed the wish to see it become more dense.

It should be noted that the  Cameroon-Canada bilateral cooperation share a  rich cooperation which dates back to 1962 and which has diversified into various sectors of human investment, rural development, communication and telecommunications infrastructure, microfinance, support to the private sector, and more recently, support to the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, etc.

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