Thursday, November 26, 2020


1. Marriage is not for quitters

2. You will feel proud of yourself looking back knowing that you honoured your vows

3. If you do marriage right, it will bring out the best in you and in your spouse 

4. Sex is important but not the only thing in marriage

5. When younger, make love as much as you can, enjoy it. A time is coming when all you have are memories 

6. Friends will come and go, you will know so many people as a married person, but keep your spouse your priority

7. Don't stay together for children, eventually they will leave you two. What will you have to hold?

8. Growing old doesn't mean you cannot make your spouse feel special, keep making his/her heart beat 

9. Do not harden your heart, otherwise marriage will be too great a burden 

10. Do not hold grudges, otherwise stress will kill you 

11. Eventhough you two are married, don't forget to build yourself, and work on your goals as an individual. Don't lose you 

12. Not every advice is good advice. Discern 

13. Love your spouse the best way you can, not as a reward to your spouse for treating you right, but because you have personally chosen to

14. It is not for you to say you are a good husband/wife but for your spouse to say I have a good husband/wife

15. Don't work too hard chasing after money for your family that you lose your family 

16. Praying for your spouse is your personal responsibility that you cannot delegate to another person 

17. Start each day with warm words and the tone of the day will be good 

18. Don't be scared of aging, be scared of aging without a purpose or a legacy in mind

19. As you work, think about retirement. Save, invest, plan. You will not always have the energy you have 

20. Fathers, don't disconnect from your children as they grown up. If you do, you will want them near you in your old age but they will struggle to bond with you 

21. Mothers, don't hurt your children with words. Mummy wounds are difficult to heal from 

22. Remember what you sow in your younger years of marriage, you will reap in your older years 

23. Marriage is possible if the two work on it 

24. You may pretend to the outside world you two are happy but behind closed doors, you two know the true state of your union. Stop living a public lie, have true love 

25. Every marriage has dark spots but the wise couple keep the light on

26. If you feel like quitting; step back, breathe, be objective and most likely you will realize you don't have to quit. Don't always trust feelings, wait them out 

27. One day you will give an account to God for how you treated your spouse, may God be pleased with you 

28. What a blessing it is to have lived having loved and been loved

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