Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Cross section of Bamenda Town

1. For your own good, whenever law enforcement agents ( whether in uniform or not) stop a vehicle you boarded, stay calm, avoid hissing and grumbling. Whether you are a man or a woman, respect them and Allow them to peacefully do their work.

2. Please take the receipts of your electronic equipment, laptop or other bulk gadgets (original or photocopy), anywhere you go, if you must carry them along. 

3. If you don't have means of identification from your school or workplace, get at least a national ID card or driver's licence. It is crucial. your professional Badge may also help u at the military control. But be careful with it at the other type of control. It's very important.

4. Delete all your bank alerts, and transfer sensitive information or pictures into a flash drive or memory card.  Keep your financial transactions and sensitive documents away from your phone. 

5. Carrying  more than one ATM card may bring serious problem for you in our present-day Northwest  Region, especially with the 'other type' of control: be warned!!!

6. If you must move at night no matter how close to your house, take your ID card and let someone go with you. Never go alone.

7. Dress responsibly, be cummed; it will save you a whole lot of trouble, especially our youths keeping dreadlocks or funny hairstyles, tattoos and piercings etc. Looking rugged and wild may earn you serious trouble. Take care of your hairstyle and general grooming.

8. If you are given a vehicle to go for an errand, make sure all documents are complete and up- to- date. Also, your driver's licence must be complete before you hit the road.

9. When your car is being searched, don't just look away in anger ; they are doing their job. Just pay close attention to what's going on, to avoid "had I known".

10. If you are not sure of what someone is carrying in a bag, pack, or sack, please ask politely before accepting to give the person a ride. You may be arrested for what you know nothing about.

11. After any stranger you decide to give a lift comes down, move forward a little, park and  search your vehicle very well before you continue so as to avoid harbouring any incriminating objects left behind.

12. It is mandatorily necessary you dont keep this message to yourself  alone.

13) Be patient when travelling. Being in a haste may land you into serious problems. Where you find vehicles parked and are waiting, seek advise. You may not know the trap ahead

14) You will fine multiple controls from Matazem, Santa, welcome to Bamenda, Blue moon, mile one junction, Tradex etc before you enter town. Do not complain. They are working on instructions. You will be asked to drop down and identify yourself. Your car will be searched at these spots. They will take all your time. But do not complain.

15) Be aware that there is operation "Bamenda Clean" involving all men in uniform and the population. Don't be frigthened in the quarter when u see a group of millitary. 

16) Above all avoid certain talks because even those people you think you know them, you don't really know them in details. Be vigellant and Stay safe. 

Thanks and God bless our one and indivisible Cameroon

The States Lady

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