Monday, May 18, 2020

Archbishop Samuel Kleda Warns Public on Circulation of Fake COVID-19 Treatment

Many social media users and news handles have been sharing this image saying it is the COVID-19 remedy of Arch Bishop Samuel Kleda, but he says the information is false.

Bishop Kleda recently said, during an interview with the CRTV, that he will yet find a name for his product when the time comes.  And this moment to come will be during the official presentation of its product to the whole world and it is not yet the case. 

This product in circulation in the above bottle is not that of Bishop Kleda.  The enemies of the Church purposely circulate this poison and when the damage from this poison will surface it will be said that it is the product of Archbishop kleda that already kills. 

Please Guard against fake!
There are places where the real product is distributed, namely Catholic hospitals under the health services of each diocese. 

The States Lady

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